Semalt Explains How To Create Meta Descriptions That Generate Traffic In E-Commerce

In any business, fetching traffic is one of the ways to reach the new heights. When running Search Engine Optimization (SEO), meta tags and descriptions are the essential areas to place competitive keywords. E-commerce meta descriptions are the short ads.

HTML meta tags give a server valuable information about a web page. There is always a meta tag for the description of page content, meta tag for copyright information and a meta tag holding robots.txt. For example,
"<meta name="description" page="description">".

The meta description tags are important especially in social media marketing. It gives the incentive for dominance and relevance when the page sharing gets too frequent. Thus, SMM is a primary method of fetching clients. It helps initial start-ups to beat the competitors and give everyone a chance to dominate in their niches.

Nik Chaykovskiy, the Customer Success manager of Semalt describes the key aspects you have to consider when creating meta descriptions.

When to Use Meta Descriptions

For a particular set of keywords, a meta description can be beneficial to making some conversions. Meta description gives viewers one more confirmation about the relevance of your content for a given set of keywords. Search queries, which look similar require a meta description to break the tie.

Semalt recommends involving long tail keywords for meta descriptions. If content involves more than three keywords, do not use them in the meta description. The search engine can easily make mistake because of the keyword stuffing, which, in turn, earns you a flag. You should take a portion of that page and use a snippet to make it appear on the search query information.

Writing a Good E-commerce Meta Description

For many applications, the best length for a meta description is a maximum 160 characters. For instance, Google as a company has a website with a meta description, which contains 159 characters. This includes even spaces as characters.

When making a good meta description, it is important to consider it as a tweet or a Facebook post. Twitter has the limit of 160 characters. You can also follow some of the following guidelines:

  • Use keywords. Search phrases present the content, which is elevant to what the user is searching. It is the relevance which constitutes to some of the factors which make the algorithm rank you high.
  • Use verbs. Verbs prompt a person to take an action immediately. You can use a phrase like "Shop earphones at Jumia".
  • Use call-to-action. Combine a meta description with actions such as "shop", "download" or "buy".
  • Build templates. It is too tiring to write a new meta description for every page. Using templates, you can make it easy.

Meta descriptions help your website rank high through indirect means. Many people fail to realize that gaining a top position does not necessarily imply clicks. Meta descriptions convert a person viewing a page to click it. It contains valuable information which makes sense on the search queries for a given set of keywords. They also feature another great thing, open graph description. Meta tags are short enough to feature on social media posts. Social media engagement is one of the ways backlinks and relevance can enhance SEO giving you more visitors.